Processing a credit card when the card is not present to be tapped or scanned has risk to the business processing the card.  If you choose to take a card over the phone or manually you will be liable if the card is stolen or if the cardholder does a chargeback and you will not receive the funds.  This is not recommended but if you have a business case such as having seen the customer before and wish to take the risk follow this solution article.

NOTE: To process a credit card manually you will need to be on version or higher.

How to enable Card Not Present Processing

  1. Sign in as a user with Setup Wizard Access
  2. Choose Payment Processing
  3. Select the Credit Cards Tab
  4. Uncheck "Allow Card not present transactions on screen"
  5. Navigate to a credit card screen and confirm a Manual Key checkbox is now available on screen.  This will let you manually type the card information into the PINpad.