Part 1 - Truncating the Credit Card file

At the topmost menu of System Five, there is a selection for Mercury Payment Systems (or Global Payment Systems, Paymentech, Vital Processing, etc.) depending on the credit card processor you have set up.

  • Select Purge Credit Card Data

You may be prompted to run a PCI Security Check, if you are prompted you must run this check before you can continue with this procedure. Click here for more information about this.

Truncate Credit Card Data window will open.

There will be 3 check boxes, ensure they are checked in the following manner.

  • UN-Check Truncate Merchant Receipts
  • UN-Check Truncate End-of-Day Reports
  • Check Delete Merchant/Customer Receipts prior to Delete Receipt Date

When the last box is checked then Delete Receipt Date will become available.

This date by default is set 6 months prior to the current date. You can set this date back further in the past.

When all the settings are ready, you may click Truncate to start the deletion process.

Screen Shot of the module in action

Note 1: This routine may take 24-48 hours to run depending on the number of credit card transactions that are stored in your system.

Note 2: This process does not need to be run from start to finish. You may halt the process by hitting the stop button during the purge and restart the process later.

Part 2 - Rebuilding the LCOMMENT.BTR file

You must have a recent BACKUP of your system and have every user logged out of the system before running the file rebuild.

Go to Setup Tools → Utilities → File check in System Five.

Click “Continue, I have done a backup
Click “Continue

And wait for the list to populate, normally this will take about a minute.

Select LCOMMENT.BTR and choose to Rebuild File with the drop-down selector and select Rebuild LCOMMENT.BTR. This should take about 15 minutes for large datasets.

After the rebuild is complete, restart System Five.

Now your LCOMMENT.BTR file will be vastly reduced in size, given a large dataset with many credit card transactions.