dsiEMVUS is required for US customers who has a pinpad installed on their workstation 

dsiPDCX is needed if you do not have a pinpad installed on the workstation

DSIClientX is required to be installed on all terminals that will be processing credit card transactions with or without pinpads

You also need to click on the Device Driver item to download the driver for the P400 Pinpad which is the Verifone Unified Driver:

  • After installing Netepay Director, run it, it will prompt you to generate a Serial numberClick on Obtain Serial Number

  • Once the S/N is generated, it will then ask for the deployment ID, Please enter the deployment ID attached to the ticket.
  • Once the Deployment ID has been entered, the Netepay Director will automatically stop and start the service and download the parameters of the account.

In System 5 Setup:

  • Go to Setup Tools > Setup Wizard > Payment Processing
  • Make sure that the processor selected is Datacap Netepay Hosted

  • Go to the Credit Card tab and enter the Card Present Merchant Number, WebAPI token for Card not Present and Card not present Merchant Number (WebAPI Merchant ID)

If you are Departmentalized, you can entered the information in the Departments tab

  • Make sure to enter the IP address or computer name of the computer where netepay is installed in the EMV Netepay Server Field

For departmentalized, you can enter it in the departments tab, the same field will also be available there.

  • Next step would be to setup the pinpad in System 5. After installing the P400 driver, you can go the the Debit/Pinpad Tab and select Datacap dsiEMVx and look for the pinpad. After that, select the Com Port that the pinpad is using and click on Reset Sequence Number. Once that is done, you are ready to download the parameters onto the pinpad by clicking on the EMV Paramter Download button

You will receive a success response once the pinpad is done downloading the parameter. You can now proceed with running a test transaction.