dsiclient, dsiemv 1.39 and dsipdcx are needed

Under Credit Cards Tab, the MERCHANT NUMBER to be use is the Datacap Merchant ID, not the Global Payments Merchant ID. Also, you can use the merchant ID to be use as Pinpad id (Debit/Pin Pads) tab.



You can find the Datacap Merchant ID from the Datacap through email. It should be attached on the ticket as well. 

For the Card no Present. Please see screenshot below(sample only).

For Departmentalize client, it will be the same thing without department.

For example: the first Merchant ID as shown above(FORAONORW0GJ) it will be use as your Merchant Number, PINPAD ID and on the Department tab, it will be use as Merchant ID. The second Merchant ID(FORAONORW_$1@@GJ) will be use as PINPAD ID only on the next pinpad. Along goes with Card not present. Please see sample below. The PINPAD ID will be under Debit/ Pin Pads tab.

For computer without Pinpad.

Install only these two dsiClient and dsiPDCX. In the pinpad settings, make sure NONE is selected as the pinpad, you may need to select the Netepay hosted and then reselect None.

Also, uncheck the box for Ask for CVV2 on Credit Card Info tab. You don't need CVV in the first screen, but must be entered on the second screen.

When click Authorize the window below should show up and that's where your going to input the CVV.


- this means their trying to run transactions using an old mercury token

- it won't work with Global