No Response from Pinpad


Expected DPT Encryption Got - NOE

  • Expecting an End to End encrypted pinpad.
  • Most likely you have selected the wrong pinpad in System Five


Encryption keys can be lost if the pinpad is left unpowered for several months, or if they are dropped and light enters the casing.

vx805 Invalid Field - Encrypted Format

  • This means you have the wrong pinpad selected. You have a mercury pinpad selected on a non mercury customer

Rapid Connect Error Messages



  • PIN could not be decrypted. If new problem with existing setup, replace PIN pad. Confirm proper key setup for new PIN pads. Confirm proper host setup for new Base Derivation keys.
  • Probably do not have the correct PIN Debit encryption keys loaded. They should check with supplier of pinpads to determine if they were loaded.
  • Ensure Datacap Merchant Parameters are setup for EMV Credit / Swiped Debit.

TP0003 - UMF feature (CommonGrp.TxnType) not found in Rapid Connect for TPP ID (RDA003):120

  • Rapid connect does not support batch reporting with datacap netepay.
  • Merchant should use the online web reporting.

TSYS Error 0014 06 on Manual Entry

  • Ensure you enter the Expiry date as YYMM

Terminal Id not found in XML document

  • You need to fill in the Terminal Id (for some processors)
  • Or you have selected the wrong pinpad / processor type.
    • If you are installing a Worldpay-Mercury pinpad pick Mercury eg. vx805 for Mercury

Packet Error from Pinpad

  • Check that you are running the lastest version of dsiEMVX.ocx

Socket Connect to b2.backuppay.com failed

  • It means that the netepay server did not reach x1.mercurypay.com and is failing over to b2.backuppay.com. Neither is working.
  • Either a DNS issue on the netpay server or a firewall issue.
  • utlities / diagnostics
  • Gateway test


Other Not Accepted

For a manual keyed transaction, the card number is not correct.