Important - each pinpad must be EMV certified with each processor. Just because a pinpad has a chip reader, does not mean that it is EMV certified with any or your processor.

Worldpay IP (Mercury)

VeriFone VX805 with End-to-End Encryption.

  • This device is now EMV certified with Mercury and System Five.
  • This device may be purchased or rented from Mercury Payments or must be purchased though IBC
  • CHIP / MSR / Contactless /PIN
  • No signature capture
  • USB 3 meter cables. Serial or 1 USB meter cables are also available.
  • XPI Application (Load Version 8.42B)

Installing Mercury Netepay for US-EMV

VeriFone Vx805 for processors other than Worldpay IP (Mercury)

Most processors now support the Vx805 This is what you need to purchase.

  • Verifone VX805 USB (M280-703-A3-WWA-3)
  • 3.0M USB Cable Vx805 USB A M (CBL282-038-02-A). Serial or 1M USB cables are also available.
  • XPI Application (Load Version 8.42B)
  • Processor Encryption (processor-specific)
  • This device is not End-To-End Encrypted.
  • May be purchased from POS Portal, JRS POS Depot or POSData or IBC. Please see for specific ordering information, distributor links and supported processors.

Ingenico iSC 250

  • Chip / MSR / Contactless / Signature
  • dsiEMVx version 1.06 or higher is required.
  • System Five version version or higher is required.
  • Chip Card returns and voids must be swiped.
  • The prompt Debit with Pin? Yes/No is a bit confusing.
    • Yes means this is a debit card that requires a PIN,
    • No means this is a credit card.
  • The Enter key does not work in response to prompts even though the screen button Yes looks like the enter key.
  • Supports RS232 Serial, USB/Serial (or TCP/IP for some end-to-end encrypted processors)

Equinox L5300

This is only available for Worldpay IP (Mercury) and Chase Paymentech. You must have your supplier install/load the datacap forms and the debit encryption keys before they ship it to you.
  • PCI out of scope, therefore does not support card on file except with Mercury Tokenization.
  • Signature Capture
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • PIN Entry - Device must have Debit Keys injected for your processor
  • EMV (Chip)
  • Optional NFC (MasterCard Paypass, Visa payWave, ApplePay) depending on your processor's ability to process NFC transactions.
  • USB or RS232 Serial
  • :-( Does not work with Terminal Services Serial Port redirection, but can be used with the Remote POS device manager available in System Five version 6.1

Supported USA PINPads (NON-EMV)

There be dragoons here - Please read carefully.

  • Ensure your PINPad is encrypted for your payment processor.
  • Please read the fine print. Not all pinpads will work for all situations. Items to consider:Terminal Services;Serial, USB or TCP/IP;Signature Capture; Card on File.
  • Some driver installs may be challenging. Please ensure you have at least 2 weeks lead time before going live.
  • US EMV is not supported. Even though your pinpad may have a chip card reader, chances that it will support EMV when available are slim.
  • Some PINpads require loading of datacap forms or OPOS drivers by the Supplier or other third party.
  • If the PINpad you are considering is not on this list, it probably won't work. Replacement models for obsolete PINpads probably won't work either.
  • Beware of purchasing second hand equipment from non-POS vendors.

Important Information on Device Location

The pinpad device may be mounted on a flat surface, wall, or customer stand (recommended). We recommend physically securing the device to avoid theft. Power may be provided from a host Point of Sale system or from an Ingenico power supply. The device must be placed close to an easily-accessible power outlet. Do not place the pinpad on a PC monitor, adjacent to an electronically active security tag deactivation system, or near other sources of magnetic fields.

The Pinpad device must be at least 12 inches away from an electronically active type of security tag

Purchase information

Products Mercury Payment Systems can provide in the USA:

  • Stand Alone Credit Card Terminals.
  • Dial Backup Bridge.

You can purchase PINpads for the United States of America from the following sources.

JR's POS Depot Contact:  Luisa Rodas TEL (954) 741-3433, x130 TOL (877) 999-7374 FAX (253) 238-2414
POS DATA Contact:  Becky O'Brien, Regional Business Development Manager TEL   310-883-8340 eMail web
If you are considering purchasing second hand equipment from other than a POS vendor, please be aware that: It may be compromised (hacked) The MSR and keys may be worn. You will have to send it somewhere to have the correct firmware, forms and encryption keys loaded. It may no longer be PCI compliant.