Install Netepay 5 for Worldpay Payments

NEW Netepay 5 Director

Netepay 5 Server should be installed in the same manner as other netepay 5 server installs. Alternatively you can install on every workstation and set the netepay EMV server to localhost.

Netepay should never be installed on an internet accessible server. Do not install on a terminal server session.

Workstation Install

Install USB-serial drivers

Install one of the following USB-Serial drivers from:

iSC250 USB-serial drivers
Equinox L5300 USB-serial drivers

Install datacap software

In the Setup Wizard, Payment Processing, Processor Tab, select Mercury US (EMV/Local). Set the EMV server IP address.
PINPad Tab, select dsiEMVX and vx805 for Mercury.
In the credit card tab, select Tokenization.


“vx805 Invalid Field - Encrypted Format”

This means you have the wrong pinpad selected. You have a mercury pinpad selected on a non mercury customer.