Contactless payments also known as tap and pay is a form of payment that allows a customer to tap a card or device against your card reader to pay instead of inserting a card. The technology is sending a modified card's Track II to the PIN Pad with an RFID chip. To Windward System Five the information simply looks like a card swipe however special processing is required by the processor to ensure that the modified Track II information is legitimate.

To the customer, when they want to pay, they simply wave or tap their card over the contactless terminal. There's no need to key in their PIN or sign a receipt.

With the COVID-19 virus many customers want to pay by plastic instead of cash to help stop the spread of the virus. With the raising of the tap limit by major credit cards Windward System Five has followed suit. Using version will allow you to configure your systems tap limit to be greater than $150.

Contactless payments have names by the card brands:

  • (NFC) Near Field Communication (Smartphones)
  • Applepay
  • paywave (Visa)
  • ExpressPay (American Express)
  • PayPass (MasterCard)

Supported US EMV PIN Pads

  • VeriFone vx805
  • Equinox L5300
  • iSC 250

Supported US Processors

Please contact your merchant services provider to ensure your account is setup to accept contactless payments. The following processors may support contactless payments. Currently the US supports swipe grade contactless, not EMV grade.

  • Vantiv formerly Mercury Payments Systems (US)
  • Chase Paymentech (US)
  • Elavon Host
  • FDMS Buypass, Cardnet, Nashville/Envoy
  • Global Payments (US)
  • Worldpay (Visa,MC only)
  • TSYS

Supported Canadian Processors

  • Verifone vx820 Worldpay Canada,
  • Verifone vx820 Paymentech Canada
  • Ingenico iPP320 Moneris