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  1. Bad Checksum


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Graphical user interface

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In the Gift Card Mask area of the Setup Wizard you should see something like this:


Length      Start Range                        End Range                           Mask                                               Checksum
 19            6050110000000000000      6050110000099999999       0000\-0000\-0000\-0000\-099      N


For Gift Cards the checksum should always be N

For simplicity there should be only 1 mask that encompasses the full range of gift card numbers.

Otherwise there needs to be consistency in the masks. 



  1. List price comes up with a dollar value but price showing 0.00 on invoice screen.


This is usually caused by the incorrect Miscellaneous Parts information.
 Check the gift card inventory item. The correct setting should be:


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Tested with these settings and we can now sell and void gift cards.

Created by Steve Wind August 19 2021