The Verifone Vx820 and Vx810 are now obsolete and should no longer be used in new deployments.  They had a dependency on NETePay 5, 5.06.XX.  This solution article is left for historical purposes.

  • Verifone, Inc., Vx820 (4-40054) expired 30 Apr 2021
  • Verifone, Inc., Vx810 (4-30019) expired 30 Apr 2014

Verifone Vx820 Contactless

  • This device is now available
  • EMV Contact and Contactless supported for the following card brands
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Amex
    • Interac
    • JCB
  • Requires
    • Vx820 XPI 12.08.16
    • Netepay 5.06.10
    • DSIEMVClientX® 1.27
    • SystemFive version or higher to support manual entry with CVV
The Canadian VX810 pinpads are RS-232 Serial only. You need a 9 PIN RS-232 Serial port on the back of your computer. USB-Serial converters DO NOT WORK. I repeat, they DO NOT WORK. They are also expensive for ones that may work. If you do not have a serial card, you can have one installed. The Edge USB-Serial converter is the only known one that works, but please don't waste your money and time on it when a serial port card can be installed for a third of the cost.

VX820 pinpads running XPI 12.xx can use USB if you have the VX820/Vx805 USB cable (not a USB/serial converter). Chase usually ships them configured for Serial (even if you ordered USB). Instructions for changing the vx820 pinpad to use USB

  1. At the idle prompt (Welcome screen) press both the “7” and Enter/green keys simultaneously. The terminal manager entry screen should now be displayed.
  2. Enter the password (not given here) and press the Enter/green key.
  3. Press the “2” key to select “Edit Parameters”.
  4. Press the Enter/green key to select “Group ID 1” which should be displayed.
  5. Enter the password (not given here) and press the Enter/green key.
  6. Press the Enter/green key to select “CONFIG.SYS” which should be displayed.
  7. Use the up and down arrow on the bottom left-hand side of the touchscreen to scroll through the list of parameters until you find a parameter named “SACOM”.
  8. If using a USB interface cable the value should be “USB”.
  9. If using a serial interface cable the value should be “COM1”.
  10. If the value does not match the installed cabling press the “3” key to select it for editing then use the Correct/yellow key to delete the value and type the correct one as listed above then press the Enter/green key.
  11. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to ensure the “SABAUD” parameter exists and is set to “9600”.
  12. Press the Cancel/red key to return to the terminal manager screen then press 1 to restart the VX820.

Verifone Vx810

  • Supports EMV Chip and PIN
  • Not suitable for large volumes of mail order/e-commerce, use the legacy version below.
  • Requires System Five version

This version will no longer support manual entries of card numbers as Chase now requires the CVV number