An additional feature was made available in System Five to change the limits of the credit card processing. This will give you the ability to change the threshold limit in accordance with your signed Merchant Agreement.

You may also need to update your Datacap client software dsiEMVClientX, dsiEMVX, or dsiPDCX. Please contact support to update these controls if the changes do not affect the PIN pad behavior.


You will need a Dataset that has Credit Card Processing enabled to access the settings.

System Five version should be or higher.

How to change the Limit

The system will default to the recommended 150.00 limits. There will be a warning screen that will show up if the value is higher than the recommended limit of 150 by changing the color of the information to RED.

1. Go to Setup WizardPayment Processing
2. Go to 'Mercury Payment System - (EMV/Local)(the 'tab' names may vary according to the payment processor setup in System Five) tab.
3. Click on 'Contactless/Signature' tab


For large amounts, we recommend that you keep the prompt to ensure that you do not accidentally overcharge the customer by a huge amount as some PIN pads do not show the amount being charged without this prompt.