The Ingenico Link 2500 pinpad must be connected to a POS workstation or cable running Windward System Five or the remote POS device manager.  It can not be used as a standalone payment terminal.

To use the information in this solution article you will need a technical understanding of computer networking and IP addresses.

Device Control

  • The device is charged by a USB type C cable.
  • Power off the device by pressing [Yellow <] and [.,#*] together.
  • Power on the device by pressing the [Green Ok] button

Supported US Processors

  • Worldpay IP (Mercury)
  • Datacap Netepay Hosted
  • All other payment processors are available (but not supported) in supervisor mode


Ingenico Link 2500 TCP/IP Setup

See Datacap Setup instructions

  • To enter the setup mode press the keys 0 0 0 1
  • Select 1-Communication Type,
  • Select 4-WIFI and back
  • Select 2-WIFI Parameters
  • Select 2 Scan Networks, select your network and enter the network key
  • Select 4-Default IP Configuration
  • Select DHCP Activation and turn OFF. Set your static IP address, gateway and DNS address, which may already be set it it booted in DHCP On. Alternately you can leave DHCP ON and program the router to assign the static IP Address.
  • Set the Port to 12000
  • Press back and the device should reboot and connect.
  • You can turn Blue-Tooth off in the Bluetooth settings to conserve battery life.

Version information and IP address can be viewed by pressing 0 0 0 0

System Five Setup

  • For a US processor Select Pinpad type as Datacap dsiEMVX
  • Select the EMV PINpad as Ingenico Link 2000 - Mercury (or your processor)
  • Set the Serial port to any eg, COM 1
  • Set the TCP/IP address to the static IP address of the Link 2500 pinpad
  • Set the Port to 12000
  • Press Test Installation to verify that it connects and then the EMV Parameter Download