This setup will require your network administrator’s assistance to connect the P400 to your company’s network.  .  You may need to run a separate ethernet cable to each POS workstation, or use a network switch. You will also need to assign or reserve each pinpad an internal static IP.


Further details can be viewed at but most of these instructions are not for this setup.


You will also need to install the datacap netepay server for Moneris.  Netepay Version 5.07.21 or higher is required.


DSIEMVClientX™ 1.32 is also required installed on the work stations


The Moneris POSPAD is a semi-integrated payment terminal.  Credit and Debit card data does not pass through System Five or the workstation and is therefore out of PCI scope to System Five. Gift Card data does pass through System Five however gift cards are not mandated by PCI.



The Moneris P400 connects to System Five and to Moneris via a TCP/IP connections. There is no serial or USB connection required.


Plug an ethernet cable into the slot that says Eth.  The other identical slot is for a serial cable. 


Plug the power cable adapter in the power slot.


You may need your IT technician to configure your network or router to allow the pinpad to connect to it as well as to assign it a static IP address.

To enter the configuration screen on the P400 hold down [   <      ]  and press [  1  ] and then release both at the same time.




Select [ 1 ] English or [ 2 ] French

Integration Mode


Select Direct to Host


Select Production


Select Public (IPG1)

ERC Connection


To get to the ERC connection you have to scroll down by putting your finger on the Moneris Logo at the top of the screen and sliding your finger up.


Press the Configure Lan

Setup LAN Connection


Select IPc4 and then either Dynamic IP or Static IP depending on your network. Please see your network administrator.  You will need a static IP address for this pinpad to work properly otherwise it’s IP address may change.  Assigning it a static IP address can be done on the pinpad or on the router. System Five connects to the pinpad using a TCP/IP connection.


The pinpad must be able to accept IP requests on port 9599 and SystemFive or WindwardPOS must be able to send outgoing requests on port 9599





Network Configuation


To view the configuration of the P400 hold down [   <      ]  and press [  4  ] and then release both at the same time.


Here you can view the IP address of the pinpad.


The Moneris Hosts should show as PASS


To test that the P400 is connected you can ping the IP address shown.


Application Information


To view the application information of the P400 hold down [   <      ]  and press [  3 ] and then release both at the same time.


You will need the serial number to match up with the Pinpad id.  The pinpad Id is provided on your Moneris stetup sheet and should start with 66




Datacap Netepay Install


NETePay Moneris Canadian Host EMV POSPAD - MSH 5.07.21


Install datacap netepay on either a server, workstation or virtual machine.


Datacap Netepay must be allowed to accept incoming requests on PORT 9000






Cash back can be enabled The pinpad will prompt for the amount. (which is not configurable).

This prompt will only occur when Debit is selected on the POS tender screen.  Debit Contactless will be disabled when debit cash back is selected.


The pinpad port is 9599


Moneris does not fully support tokenization 


CVV Entry

Moneris requires CVV entry for card not present transactions



====== Moneris P400 Trouble shooting ====== 

===== No response from Host =====

On the Pinpad press [ < ][  7  ] together. It should say **IPG Pass** and **RDS Pass**.  If it says **fail**, then the pinpad does not have access to the outside world. Most good network techs will block unknown devices. The network tech will need to allow those devices to connect to the Moneris Hosts. 

Network best practice is to have the network router assign a static IP address to the pinpad based on the pinpad's MAC address, not setting the pinpad to static IP.  If the network router is not assigning you an IP address when set to DHCP it will most likely also not allow outbound traffic to that device either.

If the test pinpad works and the download parameter's fails with no response from Host, but the pinpad is reacting to the download request then the pinpad does not have an external network connection, or Moneris has not configured the host correctly.

==== Moneris support ====

It’s possible that the pinpad is not configured properly on the host, or the pin pad itself is not loaded or configured properly. Please have the merchant call Moneris Customer Service (Support) line at 1 (866) 319-7450 to get help for production issues. Moneris Customer Service has access to the configuration of all production devices, and will be able to verify the setup and guide you on the initialization steps.


Undefined Condition Code

  1. Update to or higher - issue for second tender on an invoice.
  2. Make sure that the invoice number does not have any dashes or other punctuation.