This process will walk you through the setup of Microsoft Authenticator through a Browser Extension.  Using a mobile device may not always be an option for an employee.  This allows Two Factor Authentication codes using a web browser and avoids using a mobile phone.

How to use Microsoft Authenticator Browser Extension

  1. Go to https://authenticator.cc/
  2. Choose your Browser from the dropdown. The Default is set to Add to Chrome.  In this document, we will be adding the Authenticator Extension to Chrome.  If you want to use Edge or Firefox, The process will be similar.
  3. Click the Add to Chrome button. A screenshot of a phone

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  4. This will take you to the download page for the Chrome Extension.
  5. Click the Add to Chrome Button.
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  6. Click the Add extension button.

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  7. This will take you back to the Authenticator Extension Page.

Add Your First Account
To add your systemfiveoncloud.com account to Authenticator Extension.

  1. Install Authenticator Extension as explained in the previous steps (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
  2. When you first install Authenticator Extension, you should pin its icon to the toolbar.
    To do this, click on the extension icon on your toolbar, then click on the thumbtack icon next to authenticator.

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Add an Account using a QR Code

  1. Open the MFA Portal
    For North American users, go to: http://na.windwardoncloud.com
    For Australian users, go to: http://au.windwardoncloud.com
  2. Choose to enroll with Microsoft Authenticator
  3. Log in with your Windward On Cloud username and password.
  4. Choose Microsoft Authenticator when prompted to add Microsoft Authenticator to your account.
  5. Click Authenticator Extension’s icon in your browser,

  6. Click the scan icon at the top right corner of the window.

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  1. Click and drag to draw a square that completely covers the QR code


  2. If the QR code was read correctly, then you will get the following window. Click OK.

Now that the Authenticator Web plugin has been configured, click on the On the Authenticator icon in the Google Task Bar.
This will open the Authenticator pop up window that contains the MFA Code to enter in the text box on the MFA window.
Enter that code and click the Verify Code button.

** Note: If the code in the ADSelfService Plus window changes to red or starts flashing red, then that code is about to expire. In that case, wait for the new code and enter that new code into the text box on the MFA window.

There is a little Pie Chart icon in the bottom right of the code window showing a representation of how much time is left for the current password.


  1. You should receive a popup saying that the enrollment was successful and you will see a new entry in the window.

Now when you log into the cloud environment and are prompted for your MFA Code, simply open google chrome and click the Microsoft Authenticator Icon in the top menu bar.


Created By Steve Wind May 9 2024