When an email is sent from System Five, it uses the default signature that is setup in Outlook.

This would be no different than if you were to create a new email directly from Outlook.

However, By default Outlook creates emails in HTML Format which allows for Hyperlinks and clickable text within the email (the underlined blue text in the signature.

If this text isn't clickable in the signature of the email coming from System Five, then the format of the new email has been switched to plain text. This means that Outlook no longer recognizes the text as one of it's Signature forms.

An example of this is below.  

The top signature is just text

The bottom signature is in HTML format.

If the email is created with the plain text format, Outlook wont recognize the signature as a signature after it has converted it to text.

The solution to this is to open the Setup Wizard in System Five - Users and Security - Names and Passwords -  Select the user's name - click on the internet tab and put a check mark in the checkbox next to "Respect Default Format from the Email Client".

This will now send the email address and PDF to Outlook without changing the format of the new email.

Now if you choose to change the signature, you won't have to manually remove the previous signature first.

You can now simply choose the new signature from the Outlook Toolbar.

Created by Steve Wind April 30 2024