For users accessing E-Commerce Staging (ECS) in System Five on Cloud environment, they could be presented with a blank gray screen when attempting to process orders.  An investigation discovered the Microsoft EdgeView2 software does not support multiple users accessing it in the RDS environment that is System FIve on Cloud.  That is why sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.  The first user in will lock the DLLs and stop future users from accessing ECS.

2024-04-29 Update for System Five on Cloud

System Five on Cloud customers can be enrolled in a group policy by Cloud Operations that configures this automatically.  If a user is presented with a "System Five on Cloud Environment Notice" dialog they have been enrolled and the setup steps in this article would not apply.  While the 700MB file copy is taking place, the System Five experience may be slow for 3-5 minutes for the initial login.

Possible Causes

  • "Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime" is not installed on this VM/computer
  • "Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime" access is locked by another user

Users may receive an "Error WebView2 (Edge) browser not installed or could not be created" or a blank gray screen when attempting to process orders.


For users requiring access, support can set up a user's copy of EdgeView2.  This way they can access and import e-commerce orders without limitation or impact by other users.

Validate Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Ensure Microsoft Edge WebView2 software 122.0.2365.66 or greater is installed.  

  1. Access Add or Remove programs from the start menu.
  2. Look for Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime
  3. If not present or is an older version than 122.0.2365.66.  Install "Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime" as administrator.  https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/
  4. Click here for further troubleshooting information on installing EdgeWebView2 in your environment.

For each user, copy the Edge WebView folder
Use this solution when "Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime" is locked by another user.  This configuration should be done for all System Five on Cloud users accessing E-commerce Staging or on-prem customers that are using Remote Desktop Services.  (These are Windows users, not System Five user names).
  1. Go to the location of the installed EdgeWebView folder.
  2. Using Windows File Explorer find the install folder used by all users.  This is typically named after the version installed.
    • In this example, it is "122.0.2365.80"
  3. Using File Explorer to copy of the "122.0.2365.80" folder and named it after the username.  
    • In this example, for woocomdemoadmin we named it "admin"
    • Each user must have their own folder with a unique name.
  4. From the start menu type Environment and choose to "Edit environmental valuables of your user account"
  5. Under the User Variables create two new variables pointing to the location of the new directory created above.
    • Now when "woocomdemoadmin" user accesses Ecommerce Staging WebApp inside of System Five.  They will use C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\EdgeWebView\Application\admin folder.