Pervasive Status 3014

Status 3014 means simply "The MicroKernel router cannot find an engine." The application needs to provide a valid path to the database files. If you application is providing a path based on a drive letter, and if that drive letter is not yet mapped, then it will return a 3014 no matter what.

Solution :

1. Check the map drive for Windward. Usually, it’s W:\. Make sure you can access the content of the drive. You can copy files by going to the W:\ Drive. Close S5 then reopen and test login.

2. If solution 1 did not fix the issue, then go to the server. Open pervasive control center (PCC for v12. Zencc for v15) then go to Monitor. All users must log out to S5. Then kick out all users in pervasive if there are remaining users. Then test login on affected machine.

3. Restart the pervasive engine on the server. Go to services.msc. Look for the pervasive engine then stop and start the service. Test login on the server and on the affected machine.

4. Make sure that Windows firewall or anti-virus is not blocking the communication between the workstation and the server. Refer this documentation

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