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A Pervasive Status 94 error is raised when there are not sufficient permissions to access the data files. Permissions errors can be raised for different situations. Use the following checklist to help clear pervasive 94 errors.

On the server computer, locate the Windward share:

  1. Verify that all files in the Windward data folder have Read Access.
  2. Verify that your network users connecting to the Windward share have Read and Write permissions.

On the client computer:

  1. Map Network Drive logging in as a user that has Read and Write permissions on the server data.
  2. Check that the mapped network drive has a reconnect at login.
  3. Check that the mapped network drive is mapped by UNC, for example \\Server\Windward
  4. Try mapping the network drive by IP address if the UNC fails, for example \\\Windward


Pervasive 10 Workgroup - Possible Complications

If the errors persist, check Pervasive on the client computer. If the client computer is running Pervasive 10 Workgroup in Service mode then reinstall that workgroup engine to operate in application mode. There have been some reported problems with the Pervasive 10 workgroup service connecting to files across mapped drives.


Pervasive 7 (2000, 2000i), 8, 9.5 SAT Entry Complications