Both SystemFive.exe and WindwardPOS.exe are required to run as an Administrator once to create the registry keys and set itself up as an application.  

Administrator prompt after Signing in System Five

If you run System Five and get a prompt a few seconds after logging into the application.  This is normally when the  WindwardPOS device manager attempts to start.  This is used to communicate with point of sale devices such as scales, pole displays, barcode scanners, data collectors and other devices.  You will need to run this application as an Administrator.

  1. Navigate to the program location in File Explorer.  In this example, the application is located in C:\System5\Bin folder
  2. Right-click on WindwardPOS.exe program and choose "Run as Administrator".
  3. Find WindwardPOS icon in the taskbar and select Exit.
  4. Run System Five without Administrative rights and the device manager should start without issue.

How to disable WindwardPOS on a workstation

There may not be a reason to run the WindwardPOS device manager if no point-of-sale hardware needs to be configured.  If you want to disable the WIndwardPOS device manager follow these instructions.  It can be enabled at a later date by a user that has application setup rights.

  1. Sign into System Five on the workstation with a user that has setup privileges.
  2. From the menu choose Setup Wizard.
  3. Click on "Point of Sale Devices" and Choose "Device Options".
  4. Under "Use Point of Sale Device Manager" choose None .
  5. Click Close.