Sometimes users may report an error that they received but may have been unable to capture or remember the message.  Application errors are logged as long as the database has not run out of drive space or was not in read only.  Use the Error Report to view or export the messages and terminals that may have been involved.  This error data can be helpful when troubleshooting an application experience or event.


How to Export an Error Report

  1. Authenticate with a user that has the priveledges to view the Error Report
  2. Click on Setup Tools and the Utilities menu option.
  3. Click on the "Error Report"
  4. You can choose specific date range, users or terminals to report against.
  5. Pick the starting and ending dates and click the View button to see any errors logged.


How to Export


  1. Click on each error or use the Select All button to check all errors that apply.
  2. Click on the "Export" button to be prompted to save the errors to an XML file.
  3. Attach this file to any customer care or developer tickets that it may be required.