This error is typically related to too many password attempts by a user or service using user credentials.  The user may receive a "User xxx Security Error on words.btr" or "User record has been tampered with" error messages.


Option 1:  Reset lockout dates

If a user has signed in incorrectly too many times.

  1. Go to Setup Wizard > Users and Security > Edit the 
  2. Edited the user having issues
  3. Reset the lockout dates and also unlock the account
  4. Save the user account

Option 2:  Outdated credentials in the S5WebAPIService

This often happens when the user changes their password that is being used by the S5WebWebAPIService.  Best practice is to add an account that is just used by the S5WebAPI.

  1. Go to Setup Wizard > Users and Security > Edit the user # that is used by S5WebAPI service 
  2. Uncheck the lockout tick box or reset the password
  3. Ensure the password is the same in the WebAPI.INI configuration
  4. From the start menu type Services and open this App
  5. Find the S5WebAPIService
  6. Right click to Restart the service
  7. Optionally test the S5WebAPI using swagger or another Web Developer Tool