System Five On Cloud Printing Issues


Troubleshooting Laser Printing Issues in System Five on Cloud

Class Drivers : These printer drivers won't work over RDP or cloud environments.

If the local workstation is using a class printer driver, you must change it to a printer specific driver.

Do a test print in Windows to make sure it is working on the local workstation to make sure it is printing locally.
Now when you reconnect to the cloud environment, the printer will be forwarded again, and if you check the Windows driver in the cloud environment, it should have switched to the Microsoft Easy Print driver. Do a test print and it should now be working.

- If you are unable to change the driver on the workstation. Getting an error that this is not supported, or you lack the authority to do this : Check that the printer isn't shared. If a printer is shared on the network, you cannot change the printer driver of that printer until you stop sharing it. Once you associate the new driver to the printer you can turn sharing back on if needed. Also be aware that if it really is shared on the network, you will need to delete that printer on each of the computers that it was shared to, and then reestablish the share again.