If a printer is offline, disconnected or the driver is not functioning correctly System Five may produce an "Operation not supported on selected printer" message

How to Resolve

How to reconnect the printer so printing operations are successful.  Some considerations:

  • Ensure you have a default printer selected that is online
  • You may need to reinstall the printer
  • Print jobs are written to the operating system disk.  Ensure the file server is not running low on disk space as this can cause this error.
  • For on-premise customer
    • Turn the printer off and back on
    • Reboot the workstation
    • If that does not resolve the error, you will need to contact your IT provider to trouble shoot why the printer or driver is not working
  • For System Five on Cloud customer
    • "Sign Out" off your session.  Disconnecting will not have the same impact to refreshing your printer connections
    • Sign back into System Five on Cloud using your credentials