HP LaserJet M207 - M212 Issue - Delays When Printing Multiple Pages or Multiple Copies of Invoices.

We saw this issue when the invoice tree was configured to print two or more copies of an invoice.

When we printed the invoice, the first invoice would print, then there was at least a 6 second delay before the second copy printed. This was only happening on this printer. All other printers were printing without any delays.

The solution for the long delay issue was:

 - Connect to the server and download the driver from HP for the HP LaserJet M209DW (HP LaserJet M207 - M212).

 - Do not run the installer. If you run the installer it will automatically install the wrong driver, meaning the driver that has this issue.

 - You will need to extract the driver using WinZip or 7Zip.

 - Once Extracted you can force the installation of the HP LaserJet M207 - M212 PCL M-S

 - After driver is installed, do a test print to make sure the printer driver works.

 - Share the printer with the computers that need to print to it. This will let the Server do the work when you send print jobs to the printer.

This solved the issue. No more delays between print jobs.