NOTE: This also works on Voyager 1250G

Download: voyager_1200g_ctr-b.pdf

The PDF file above contains only 1 configuration barcode to scan to get the CTR-B prefix on the device

  • Print the File and scan using the barcode scanner
  • Open CMD
  • Scan any barcode. Any item that has a barcode to see if the CTR-B prefix is attach at the beginning
  • It should look like the one below….

Save the Settings in System5

  • Go to Setup Tools / Setup Wizard
  • Point of Sale Devices
  • Select Barcode Reader
  • And on the right-side, click on Read Barcode Scanner button
  • Scan a barcode again
  • Click on Save Setting button
  • Done

Results below:

Alternate Configuration

1. Download & Install the Honeywell Scanning and Mobility (HSM) USB Serial Driver from Honeywell's site:

2. Print the Document File below and scan this barcode:

Click Here:Printable PDF file

3. Go the Windows Device Manager and take note of the Com Port Number assigned to the device
4. Open WindwardPOS device manager / switch to Barcode Scanner tab and set the com port.