There is an entire article on Actian's website about Performance Tuning. At the very least, check if both L1 & L2 are set to the default setting.


Changing these values will require a PSQL restart.


  1. At the database server, Load PCC or ZenCC
  2. click on "Configure Local Engine" 
  3. Switch to Performance Tuning
  • L1 = 20% of the total RAM size (eg: 16GB of RAM = 16000 x .2 = 3200)
    • The L1 cache is a fixed size based on Cache Allocation Size. It does not expand or contract based on database operations. If your application performs numerous WRITE operations, increase the L1 cache as much as possible.
    • The greatest performance is obtained if all of the data can fit into the L1 cache. If all of the data will not fit into the L1 cache, adjust Cache Allocation Size and Max MicroKernel Memory Usage to use a reasonable amount of system memory.

  • L2 = default is 60 "which means 60%"
    • The L2 cache expands and contracts based on the memory load of the system. For example, if other applications require more memory, the L2 cache contracts. If ample memory is available, the L2 cache reaches a maximum based on the equation above. The expansion and contraction affect performance. Contraction causes data pages to be removed from the L2 cache, for example. Reading the pages back from disk storage takes longer than if the pages could have been retained in the cache.
    • The L2 cache contains compressed data pages (more pages in less space). Accessing pages from the L2 cache takes longer than from the L1 cache, but is faster than accessing the pages from disk storage. The L2 cache is helpful for applications that perform numerous READ operations but cannot fit all of the read data pages into the L1 cache.