Programming the Zebra 7000 Scanner Scale to work with System Five

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 Tested models

  • MP7011-LPSLM00US

Required WindwardPOS.exe Version

  1. Connect the scanner via single USB cable to the port POS.



  1. Download and install the 123 Scanner Configuration Utility 32 bit from
    If asked to install Zebra CoreScanner Driver click Install button.
    If you get an error saying the installation of the CoreScanner Driver was unsuccessful, You will need to install the 123 Scanner Configuration Utility 64 bit.

  2. Run 123Scan – Configuration Utility, select the barcodes dropdown at the top right hand corner of the screen and click on Enable 123Scan/Scanner communication over USB. 


Print the barcode on that page and scan it on the scale/scanner.

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Close the window by clicking on the X on the top right of the window or click the cancel button.


  1. This will bring you back to the main 123Scan window. Click on Create New configuration file. Select My scanner is connected Via USB cable and click the blue release box under MP7001-Comon SR Models. You may be prompted to update your scanner’s firmware to proceed. Click the Checkbox to proceed and click Yes.
  2. To setup with defaults, click Print Barcode on the top menu bar.

Now click on the print button at the bottom right side of the screen.
 You only need to print the first page.


  1. Scan the barcode to reset scanner to Factory Defaults.
  2. Exit 123Scan.
  3. Please consult your hardware vendor for any difficulties.
  4. In the Windward POS device manager, either locally or remote, select the Zebra Scanners tab. Enable Zebra Scan API and pick your scanner from the list (MP7011-LPSLM00UJS). You should be able to now scan an item or make the LED change color. Yellow was not supported on the scale we tested.

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Debug checkbox - enable this to see the communication between the POS device manager and the Zebra driver. Please send this output to Windward Support if asked.
The read scale button will read the scale weight. It must read 3 consistent weights within 10 tries. The events tab will show detail on what is being read.
The Zero Scale button will zero the scale.

In System Five you must go into the Setup Wizard, Select Inventory, Weight Options, and select Sell By Weight


Then in the inventory item you must also select Sell by weight.