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The Tax Area report allows you generate customizable reports that show the amount of tax that your business owes from sales (and may have collected from customers) during a specified date range or by book month(s) grouped by area as set up in the Setup Wizard> Taxes.


To access the Tax Area Report window shown in Figure 1, use the following navigator menu path:

Reports > Tax Reports > Tax Area Report


Figure 2: The Tax Area Report window




The Options Area houses the Date and the checkboxes to disable column colours and row banding.
System500002645.gifDate offers sevaral options for the selection of the Date Range to include in the Report.
System500002646.gifCustom, All, Today, This Week, This Week-to-date, This Month, This Month-to-date, This Fiscal Quarter, This Fiscal Quarter-to-date, This Fiscal Year, This Fiscal Year-to-date, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Week-to-date, Last Month, Last Month-to-date, Last Fiscal Quarter, Last Fiscal Quarter-to-date, Last Fiscal Year, Last Fiscal Year-to-date

Taxes and Tax Areas

In the collapsible list, click System500002647.gif to select the type of tax (in a selected area) you want included in the report.This selection works in combination with the invoice types selected.

System500002647.gif - unselectedSystem500002648.gif - selectedSystem500002649.gif[Select All] - Click to select all tax and tax areas
[Select None] - Click to deselct all tax and tax areas

Invoice Types

Tick the respective checkbox of the invoice type/s you want included in the report. This selection works in combination with the taxes selected.


Invoice Subtypes

Tick the respective checkbox of the invoice subtype/s you want included in the report;
or tick All Invoice Subtypes to include ALL invoice subtypes.

System500002651.gifTick Display Full invoice subtype name to include the full invoice subtype name in the report.


Tick the check box to include the respective tax amount or set of tax amounts from several departments.

By default (no department selected), reports only taxes for current department.


Note: Only available if you are licensed for department setup.