Figure 1: SPIFs Report window

The following filters and options are available:

  • Salesperson Select one salesperson or all salespeople.
  • Start /End Date Select sales within date range.
  • Show Invoice Detail Show information for each invoice on which a spifable part is found.
  • Salesperson belongs to Customer Uses the salesperson assigned to the customer on the invoice rather than the salesperson assigned to the invoice.
  • Exclude Discounted Items Only reports on items not sold below sale or regular price.
  • Restrict to SPIF items With this option selected, the default, the report will only consider SPIF items. The report header will change to Items Sold when this option is not selected.
  • Include Work Orders Includes items on work orders.
  • SPIF Targets (Total Profit/Margin %) You have the option of specifying profit or margin targets that must be met in order for the salesperson to become eligible for SPIF's. The targets are applied to each main inventory category. For example, if you specify a target margin, the sales by a salesperson in each main category will be compared against the target margin. If the salesperson has exceeded the target margin in a category, he will qualify for SPIF's in that main category. If the salesperson does not qualify for SPIF's in a main category, the Actual Paid column will show zero for the salesperson in that main category.
  • Department Select one department or all departments.
  • Item Restrict to a specific item.
  • Brand Restrict to a specific brand.
  • Supplier Restrict to a specific supplier.
  • Categories Select all categories or a group of categories.

Note: Unnecessary columns on the Report tab can be hidden by customizing and saving the report.