Your Income and Expense Statement is your revenue less your expenses for a period of time that you choose. This is different from a snapshot (like Trial Balance) in that it only prints out your Sales and Expense accounts. This gives you your profit for the time that you choose.


The Main Buttons

View: This brings up the Report tab (see below) and creates the Income and Expense statement.

Print: This prints the Income and Expense Report.

Graph: This displays the report in the form of a graph.

Refresh: This recalculates the Income and Expense Report.

Exit: This exits the Income and Expense Report.

The Info Tab

This is were you can select options and filters for the Income and Expense Report.

Book Month: Used to select the Book Month for the Income and Expense Report.

Show Zero YTD Values: Checking this box will show accounts that have a Zero YTD Balance.

Show ledger balance forward amounts: If you have performed a Year End, then the balances from the Income and Expense accounts will be rolled up into the Retained Earnings and the individual account balances will be reset to zero as of the date of the Year End. Checking this box will cause the report to include the values from the Year End postings.

Font: You can select the Font used on the Printed Report.

Printer Orientation: You can select the orientation of the Printed Report.

[Requires purchase of Department Option]

Department: The selection of Consolidated or individual departments allows you to examine the performance of each department or the entire company.

Use window Department Name: In the Setup Wizard you can specify names for the Departments that are to be used on window. These names may differ from the Name of the department. This is to allow for a shorter version of the Department Name.

The Report Tab:

This tab displays the Income and Expense Report itself based on the selections and settings on the Info Tab. An example of the Income and Expense Report is shown below. If you deselect Show Zero Values in the Info tab you will not see accounts with a zero value. Notice that the account numbers are along the left. M.T.D. means Month To Date, and Y.T.D. means Year To Date.


The Graph Tab

This displays a graph of your Income and Expense Report as shown below.


You will also see the Graph Settings window below. This can be used to change the type of Graph and the view of the graph.