There is a feature in System Five to force all users out of System Five at a specific Start Time and keep all users out until a specific End Time.  This prevents users from signing into System Five after hours to allow for maintenance and backups to be done.

How to Configure

The setting is available in the Setup Wizard under Network Settings - Time Out Settings.

You just need to set the times you need to have everyone out of System Five and then place a checkmark in the Enable Timeouts check box.  This can be done at any time, even with people signed into System Five.

User experience when configured

If people are still in System Five at the scheduled start time, the users will receive this popup.


After five minutes System Five will close.  The time they have left to sign out is displayed in seconds in the OK button.

When that count reaches zero, System Five will close whether the user has finished their work or not.

Nobody will be allowed back into System Five until after the End Time.  Users attempting to sign back in will receive a ** Restricted Time ** message. 


 - If a mistake has been made to the start and end time and you are unable to sign in to System Five, delete the TIMEOUT.NOW file and then recreate it from within System Five.

 - If the timeout doesn't appear to be working, delete the TIMEOUT.NOW file and then recreate it from within System Five.