There is a simple solution to the issue of the invoice comment printing on every page.

There is a check box on the Items tab in your invoice form that must be checked that will set the form to only print the invoice comment on the first page of each invoice.

Here are the steps to fix this issue:
 - Open your invoice form in the System Five Label Designer.
 - In the navigator select Setup Tools - Printing Options - Form and Label Designers - Form Designers - Invoice Designer.
 - Click on the invoice form you need to edit to highlight it, then click the edit button.
 - This will open the invoice form in the System Five Invoice Designer.
 - Now click on the Items tab.
 - Under the Printing Options header you will see a box with several items with check boxes next to them.
 - The fourth checkbox from the bottom says "Header Comment 1st Pg Only".
 - put a check in that checkbox and click the save button in the top menu bar.
That should solve the problem.