WebSell Integrated customers should be using the System Five version 7.0.0.x or greater.  Use these steps to update Websell.

  1. Connect to the Server computer
  2. Look for Websell Database service
  3. Stop the service
  4. Download the latest version(Use version (v7) compatible for all setups)
  5. Open the zip file
  6. Copy all the files except the settings folder
  7. Replace the existing files. The folder is usually in c:\Windward\Websell
  8. After the files are replaced, you can start the service again.

Upgrade the Staging Tables

You will also need to run the following SQL on customer Live and Training Zen databases.  

If this step is skipped, it could result in corruption of the database and Websell will stop working.


ALTER TABLE "nscStagedOrderLine" DROP CONSTRAINT "FK_NSC_StagedOrderLine_NSC_StagedOrder_OrderId"
ALTER TABLE "nscStagedOrderCustomer" DROP CONSTRAINT "FK_NSC_StagedOrderCustomer_NSC_StagedOrder_OrderId"
ALTER TABLE "nscStagedOrderPayment" DROP CONSTRAINT "FK_NSC_StagedOrderPayment_NSC_StagedOrder_OrderId"


Additional information in this WebSell technical article