After installing the Windward POS on the local computer, here are the steps on how to setup WindwardPOS to run with your Terminal service / RDP session

  • Fill up the Server with the remote desktop IP address
  • Port should be 6000 + the terminal number
  • Password would be windwardremotepos
  • Should be set to Connect - Server has Fixed external IP
  • After filling up the fields, the Enable Remote Desktop Devices will light up and will be clickable, tick the box

Within System 5:

You can go to Setup Tools > Setup Wizard > Point of Sale Devices > Device Options

  • Select Remote - Server Listens for Client
  • Enter the same port number and the same password
  • Client IP should remain blank if it is an option
  • After entering all the information, exit System 5 and sign out of the RDP. Sign back in and login to System 5. Wait for it to say RDev Connected

At this point, the WindwardPOS icon should show a green icon on the system tray.