This is the problem, the window is blank when clicking Fresh Arrangements, no buttons were showing


Touchscreen setting should be found in:

Setup Tools > Setup Wizard > Point of Sale Devices > Touch screen Support > Edit Global Layout

For example shown below. Note: this is not the actual image from the client this is for my demo.

If ever some buttons or just one wont show when click during the sale. 

For example the Fresh Arrangements. Fresh arrangements is a layout.

You can dropdown the button under Layout and look for it that is having an issue with. As for the example shown above its fresh arrangements .

This should be the buttons that needs to be showing when making a sale or when you click the button Fresh Arrangements.

You notice the box for Layout Visible is uncheck which it shouldn't be and that is why its not showing when clicked. 

The solution for that is to click Clone(still on the same screen, no need to do anything).

You can name it whatever you want then delete it after. Note: Delete the new one that was created not the old one.

Then look for the layout again and it should look like this. Layout Visible now checked.

Please don't forget to Save it.

Then Exit. It should be working now.