This v15 installer works the same way as V12 & V14; the interface and steps are all the same.

This Actian Zen v15  is required for or has support for the following

  • SystemFive Releases 6.4.2.x
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows 11


Ensure you have administrative privileges on the machine to complete this installation correctly. 

Installation Steps

1. Download the save the installer inside the \\Windward\Temp folder

This installer is not publicly available, unfortunately, So if you are doing this install on your own, you will have to ask for the installer from a Windward technician.

2. Run "Zen-EnterpriseServer-" installer

Click on the "YES" button to continue

3. On the Extract prompt, click on the "UNZIP" button to continue

The default extraction directory is "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp". You can click on the "Browse" button to change but the default works just fine.

Click on the "OK" button when extraction is complete.

4. Product Selection

We are only concerned about the first 2 options from the top

1. Install Zen v15 SP1 Enterprise Server

  • Install this on the server machine

2. Install Zen v15 SP1 Client Only

  • Install this on all of the client workstations

You may read the Release Notes and Guide documentation but we haven't tested our software with Backup Agent and Client Reporting Engine.

Click on Enterprise Server if you are installing at the server or Client Only for the workstations

5. Installation Wizard

Click on the "NEXT" button below to continue.

6. Terms and Agreement

Accept the terms in the license agreement then click on the "NEXT" button again

7. Setup Type

Keep the selection as Complete and click the "NEXT" button to proceed.

8. Installing the Program

click on the "Install" button and wait for it to complete.

9. License Key Authorization

If you have the license key at hand, you may keep "Authorise Now" ticked and click on "NEXT". 

Or you can apply and authorize the license key later via the License Administrator 

License Administrator

9.1. Search for "Zen" in Windows and select "Zen License Administrator"

9.2. Paste the Zen v15 license key on the Key field, then click on the "Authorize" button

9.3. License is now authorized

10. Registration Confirmation

You will get this registration notification pop-up after the installation. You may close this browser.

11. You may now exit the Product Selection window and you are done.