Note: The cash drawer should be connected to the receipt printer. 

This usually happens on newer version.

This is for EPSON receipt printer. I am not sure if this will work on other receipt printers.

If drawer won't open when printing a test page. Go to printer Preferences, then Device Settings. Please set the cash drawer to open before or after printing. Once done, print a test page again, the drawer should open now.

If this error shows up after logging in to S5. Just hit no, then signout in S5 and follow the steps below.

open CMD/Command Prompt

run as admin


cd System5\bin 

Windwardpos.exe /regserver

In S5, you need to set the POS device options on Setup Wizard to Local then click Restart TCP/IP. Logout in S5 after that. Then, sign back in, it should show Dev SPCD at the bottom left corner on S5. 

You can setup the cash drawer now. You can find the tree symbol on the Hidden Icons. Just click that arrow up.

Then on tab Cash Drawer, set the Port Settings, use the Receipt printer. To open it manually, click the tender types then select Yes, password is supervisor. When you click Open drawer, it should open.

Now on Invoice tree, make sure the Cash invoice setup has a slip printer form then add the receipt printer. If ever the cash drawer won't open, go to Printer setup. Uncheck the fast dot matrix option. Just leave the default slip printer option.

The drawer should open now when printing a cash invoice.