In the event of a file rebuild or the need to restart the server.  Creating a GETOUT!.NOW file will aid in forcing users out of System Five and keep them from signing back in. 

How to create GETOUT!.NOW

  1. Open an untitled Notepad from the start menu
  2. Type GETOUT (the file needs to have something in it so it is not zero bytes)
  3. From the File menu choose "Save as"
  4. Navigate to the _datafiles folder and type the File name: GETOUT!.NOW 
  5. Change the Save as type to "All files" and click Save or it will append .txt to the filename.
  6. Test by attempting to sign into the database.

User Experience

Anyone signed in will have 2 minutes (180 seconds) to complete what they are doing before System Five will sign them out.

Any users attempting to sign back in will be presented with the splash screen and 10 seconds of this dialog before signing back out.

How to remove GETOUT!.NOW

  1. Use Windows Explorer and search for GETOUT!.NOW
  2. Delete the file or rename it in case you intend to use it again.