Programming the Zebra DS2278 to use USB to Serial CDC Host Mode

This barcode scanner has been problematic to program and even after successful programming on the local workstation, it

 hasn't worked in the Windward Cloud environment.

The only solution is to program it to us USB CDC Host mode.

To do this simply scan the following barcode. If you cannot scan it off your computer monitor, print the attached PDF.

If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11, you don't need to download a drive for this scanner. The one Windows automatically assigns to it will work.

Now install the RPDMSetup.exe on the local workstation.
You will need to contact Windward support if you don't have a copy of the executable.
Right click on the RPDMSetup.exe  and select "run as administrator".
Accept the defaults on all prompts during the install.
This will create an icon on the desktop for Windward POS Device Manager.

Open System Five.
To access the Setup Wizard, click the Menu button, click Setup Tools, and click Setup Wizard.
Scroll down to Point Of Sale Devices in the left hand window.
Click on Point Of Sale Devices, then Device Options
Under “Use Point of Sale Device Manager” click on “Remote relay (SAAS)”.

Right Click in the Group Id field and click on Select All
Press Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy the Group Id to your clipboard

Minimize your System Five on Cloud session and open the POS Device Manager on your local workstation.
Uncheck the check box next to Use Message Relay
Paste the group Id to the remote POS Device manager by clicking on the Paste Button.

Put a check mark back in the check box next to Use Message Relay
This should re-enable the message relay and it will attempt to connect with the cloud dataset.

After several seconds it should say it has connected to your dataset.

If it still hasn't connected after about 20 seconds, you may need to sign out of the cloud session as well as close the POS Device Manager.

Now you can double click on the  Windward POS Device Manager icon to re-open it.
Restart your cloud session and log back into System Five.

System Five must be running in the cloud session for the Remote POS Device Manager to connect to it.