Barcode Scanner Configuration

Barcode scanners will need configuration to work with Windward System Five. Follow these instructions to program several modern scanners.

Note: This should work for most Symbol, Zebra and Motorola Scanners; if it does not please refer the online manuals from the manufacturer

ModelConfirmed to Work
Symbol LI4278Yes
Symbol LS1203Yes
Symbol LS2208Yes USB-Serial Recommended
Zebra DS3678Yes
Zebra RS6000Yes
Zebra LS3578Yes
Zebra DS6707Yes
Zebra DS8108Yes
Zebra DS9208Yes

Preferred USB Serial Configuration

Most modern scanners support USB-Serial, sometimes called USB CDC Host. This can be used with the POS device manager and will work reliably without losing scans. It will work with all versions of Remote Desktop. It is also the easiest to configure as it requires no preamble characters. Just select the Virtual COM port in System Five and you are done.

This configuration of USB-Serial will require the POS Device Manager
Scanners manufactured prior to Dec 31, 2014 will not have this option

Both System Five on Cloud and On-Prem customers should use USB-Serial with the Remote POS Device Manager. You no longer need the STX preamble for USB-Serial configurations. LS 2208 Using USB-Serial port

1)  Configure the scanner by scanning the USB-CDC barcode.

2)  If successful, the scanner should reboot, and create a virtual serial port in the Windows Device manager.  

You may need to install CDC drivers.

3)  Complete configuration by selecting this serial port in the Windward Point of Sale Device manager.


Legacy STX Prefix

To program the unit with both a STX prefix and a carriage return, see the following configuration settings:

Please use the preferred configuration using USB-Serial.

To program the scanner to accept both a prefix and suffix

1)  Scan the Scan options Barcode

2) Scan the Prefix / Data / Suffix Barcode and then scan the Enter Barcode

3)  Scan the STX Prefix barcode based on ASCII Value 1002

4) Now Scan the Barcodes in the order of 1002

If you make an error, scan the Cancel Barcode.

If required, restore to System Defaults by scanning this barcode.


Alternative Legacy STX

Use this alternate programming method to add STX Prefix, Carriage Return Suffix, and remove the Check Digit.


  • The full manual in PDF format can be downloaded from the following link:

LS 2208 Product manaul
ls2208-pdf-manual.pdf OLD


Legacy Symbol 9208 Scanner,

Scan these barcodes to configure a Symbol 9208 Scanner. symbol-9208-scanner-programming-guide.pdf


Legacy Pre-Amble Validation at Command Prompt

If you have configured your scanner with an STX preamble character, follow the below steps to verify that the scanner is configured.

  1. Click on the start menu and type “command prompt”
  2. Hit Enter to sell and open
  3. Scan a barcode
  4. You should see “^B” followed by the barcode you scanned.

If you do not see this then the preamble character for the scanner has not been configured correctly and you should repeat the above steps.


Legacy Pre-Amble configuration in System Five

  1. Open System Five by double-clicking on the System Five icon. This should be somewhere on your desktop.
  2. In System Five, go to menu→Setup Tools→Setup Wizard. If near the top left of the screen you see “To advanced mode” written in blue, click on that.
  3. From the list of items select Point of Sale Devices→Barcode reader.
  4. Click on the “Read Barcode Scanner” button.
  5. Scan any barcode (barcode on a product).

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