1. Catalog Update flag not clearing (WORKAROUND)

Go to Setup Tools > Configuration > Setup Registry

  1. Catalog Update flag not clearing (stuck in loop) - investigation showed that the Registry had entries for 'AVBIMPORTRUNDATE' that had a date in the past and the 'AVBIMPORTUSER' was not cleared

2. Delete the two that are being highlighted at the top. Also, there may be a need to purge Virtual Warehouse. Note: This is just a workaround, programming is looking to fix this.

2. New Parts from AVB

  • New Parts from AVB that do not have a regular part in System5 will stay in the Virtual Warehouse. 
  • If they want to use that part - instruct the customer to create a regular part from Virtual Warehouse. They will not be automatically created
  • All part updates with an existing System5 regular item will just be updated.

3. VW Integration Mapping menu not present

This menu under Setup Wizard > Special Modules will only appear if AVBENABLED is equal Y


4. AVB Catalog / VW is not populated

In Version 7.0.0.x " AVBCATALOGUPDATE" will still need to be manually created with Data=Y