This new iteration started on Versions 6.4.2.x releases and is now on Version 7.0. 


DEMODATA DSN Database is a default DSN that comes with the installation. It is required for this setup, otherwise you will get an error and the drop-down list of DSN Databases will not show anything.


To enable DSN Connection

Go to Setup Tools >Setup Wizard > Network Settings > Actian SQL ODBC

  • Server DSN
    • This is a drop-down list where you can select the LIVE Dataset DSN. Set this up if you are setting up for live.
    • is a drop-down list where you can select the training data DSN.
  • Enable SQL Connection check box below needs to be checked to enable the connection
  • Check the terminals that need it.
  • Done.


The SQL ODBC Connection selection will only be active if you are logged in to the dataset. So, if you are logged in to the live data, training drop-down selection will be grayed out.


The workstations will fail to connect to the DSN Database and return the error below. The only solution that worked is to create an ODBC 32-bit connection to the server.

Created OBDC 32-bit Connection

Search for ODBC Data Sources (32-bit) in WIndows and load it.


Switch to System DSN tab and click on ADD button

Select the Driver "Pervasive ODBC Client Interface" and click on FINISH button.

DSN Setup

Data Source Name: must be the same name as the DSN Database Name created at the server.

Description: leave it be

Server Name/IP: this is the server name or IP Address

Transport Hint: set to Try TCPIP only

Data Options

  • Select Database Name
  • Click on Get List button 
  • Then from the drop-down list, select the DSN name "created from the server"
  • Then click OK button to completed.