• This will require at least Zen Actian v14.10.0.035 to work. 
  • Download and install this version from our SharePoint site V14.10.007.000
  • Download and patch the installation with V14.11.026.000

WebSell SystemFive Integration has 2 components that allow and control the sync between the website and SystemFive.
  1. Data Gateway
  2. Web Sync
  3. PAM

Web Sync and PAM installation

1. Installer

Download the WebSell Data Gateway installer files from 

  • Ourvolaris Sharepoint > Client Services > Public > Websell > WebSell Data Gateway (XE11 Compatible)
    • Although it says (Xe11 compatible) all WebSell deployments should use this latest release.
  • The file is called “”
  • Extract and double-check if the folder name is "WebSellDataGateway", if not, rename it as such. This is important for the installation later.


Also, the file structure must be like this

Move the entire folder inside System5 Folder, not inside the bin folder


2. Setup the WebSell Setting

Now open the folder \WebSellDataGateway\settings

Edit websell_datagateway_settings.json in notepad


  "ServiceConfig": {

    "ServerName": "ServerName", // The Server name where the dataset resides

    "DSN": "DatasetDSN", // Enter the customer's DSN for the dataset

    "PriceDepartment": 0,

    "PriceLevels": [ 0, 1 ],

    "TargetCurrency":  0



         You just need to supply the ServerName & DSN Name and save the changes and leave the rest as is.

3. Install the service

            Run PowerShell as admin

            paste the command below and enter


New-Service -Name "WebSell Data Gateway" -BinaryPathName C:\Windward\System5\WebSellDataGateway\WebSellDataGateway.exe


            This will install the service

You must make sure that the path "highlighted in green above" is correct. If you make mistakes, uninstall the service and install it again.

PowerShell version below v6.0

sc.exe delete "WebSell Data Gateway"


PowerShell version v6.0 or later

Remove-Service -Name "WebSell Data Gateway"

4. RECSTATE table with indexes

You should not need to do this step anymore, the RECSTATE table should already be included in the newer release of System5. You can check if it exists via PCC > tables. If it doesn’t, follow the steps below to manually create it.


  • Open up Pervasive Control Centre (v12) Or Zen Control Centre (v14)
  • Expand the DSN
  • Expand Table
  • And double-click ABSENCE table to load
  • Delete the command that is already in there
  • Copy / Paste the commands below

"Unique" IDENTITY,
"OperationType" CHAR(1) NOT NULL CASE,

CREATE INDEX "1_FILETYPE_RECORD" ON "RecState"("FileType", "RecordID"); 





The command lines above are composed of 2 statements separated by "#". You will need to execute them separately by highlighting the first command then the 2nd. see sample below.



When you have executed both commands, you can close the Absence table and don't SAVE.


5. Disable/Enable "Use Record-State Tracking

This is just to reload the table with fresh records. But if it is not enabled, simply enable it.


Setup Wizard > Miscellaneous


6. Start the service

Now run “services.msc”

Look for the service name “WebSell Data Gateway” and start it.


7. Test if the gateway is accessible

            To test if you can connect to the gateway,

            Open a browser and load the URL with the format below

            Format: http://SERVERNAME:9975


Since we are at the server at this point, HTTP://localhost:9975 should work the same. Also, the port is the same for all customers.

If there is a firewall on the server, a rule will need to be added to allow inbound traffic for port 9975. 

Also if, you get an error loading the "Ecomm Staging Import" in system5 but not from the browser. try to use the Server IP Address instead.

If the IP ADDRESS is not static this will get renewed in a few days and changes.


8. Apply their SystemFive License Code

Ecomm Staging must be enabled

9. Edit SystemFive registry


All REGISTRY ENTRIES needs to be in capital letter to work, except for the URL "http://servername:9975".

ECSENABLED = Y are all in capital


                        ECSENABLED = Y

                        ECSIMPORTURL = http://Windward2019:9975

If Level 1: ECOMM does not exists, create it 

Click on the NEW button on top

Level-1 Desk = ECOMM

Level-2 Desc = ECSENABLED

Click OK button 

Double-click on ECSENABLED entry and set the KEY =Y 

Now create the second Level 2 entry

Highlight ECOMM

Click on NEW button to create another entry

Under Level-2 Desc field, type in ECSIMPORTURL

under Data Length field, you might want to increase this to a higher length to accommodate all the key you are inputting.

Click OK button

Now double-click on it and set the key= HTTP://servername:9975

Click OK again.


10. Now login to system5

            Go to Sales > Ecommerce Staging Import


You should get the window below and you are done