When replacing or migrating a server, it will be necessary to remove or deauthorize the pervasive key or keys prior to removal of the original file server. This is because the pervasive key is linked to several pieces of hardware within that server that Pervasive uses to uniquely identify it.

This process must also be followed when upgrading hardware in a server such as adding additional memory, changing a network card or even upgrading to a bigger hard drive.

You also need to be aware of this process in a virtual server environment. Pervasive treats Virtual servers the same way as physical servers where upgrading the virtual network card, virtual RAM or virtual hard drives may also cause the keys to be invalid.


The process of deauthorizing and authorizing is fairly simple.

 - On the server, open the Pervasive License Administrator from the windows start menu.

In the Pervasive License Administrator, the first thing you will want to do is make a note of the Product Key.

I have obscured my key in the graphic below.

In some cases you may have more than one permanent key. In this case you will need to make a not of each key. All of them will need to be deauthorized and then authorized on the new server.

Highlight the key you will be deauthorizing and click the deauthorize button.

This will send a request out to Actian to deauthorize your Pervasive key.

Within a few seconds you should get a message that says the key was successfully deauthorized.

Repeat this process for all keys that you need to deauthorize.

On the new server or virtual server, you will need to install the appropriate Pervasive version. Usually Pervasive Server .

Once it is installed you will again open the Pervasive License Administrator.

The server name should already be populated with the name of the server or workstation you are currently on.

In the Key field you will enter the product key you made a note of in the previous steps.

Once you have typed the key you must press the Authorize button.

This will contact Actian and authorize the key with this new PC.

If everything worked as planned you will receive a message saying that the key has been authorized and the details of the key will now be showing in the License Administrator.

If you didn't follow this process correctly, or something went wrong, you will receive a message saying this key is already in use on another computer. If this occurs, contact Windward support and we can assist you with correcting this.

Created by Steven Wind November 2, 2022