Installing the TSC TTP-247 Plus Label Printer (replaces the TSC TTP-245)



The TSC TTP-245 and TSC TTP-247 Plus printer is a fairly straight forward install. Both are 203 DPI thermal label printers with a 4.4“ wide print head. They can print in both direct thermal mode, as well as thermal transfer with the thermal transfer ribbon installed. For testing purposes we installed the Nice printer drivers for this model, and used the USB connection to the computer.


Download and unzip the Nice drivers from This is a self extracting self executing zip file, so once they extract, the install wizard will start. If you are connecting the printer through the parallel port you will need to run through the wizard and tell it where the printer is connected, etc. If you are connecting the printer through the USB port, then you should cancel the wizard, connect the printer and when prompted for the driver disk or CD, point it to C:\NiceDrivers\tsc. This is the default folder where the files would have been installed. If you changed the directory when you extracted the installer, you will need to tell Windows what folder you extracted it to. Follow the prompts, and the driver should now be installed.

Label Design

The documentation for the printer says that it can accept label print codes in either ZPL2 or EPL2, however in our tests here, when we sent it ZPL2 codes, it only fed blank labels. It did however function perfectly with EPL2 codes, so creating EPL2 code based labels will work with this model. I was unable to determine if the code languages is user selectable, or if this must be specified at the time of purchase. But TSC's Product Specification Sheet says that it supports both code languages right out of the box. If you can not get the printer to accept either of these two code languages, the end user will need to contact TSC for support.

Product Specification Sheets

Created by Steve Wind July 07/2011
Updated February 08/2018