Error Message - BTROpenConnection Exception: I/O error 103


This is an invalid message and isn’t causing any problems with the XL Lights Utility.




You will also see another error at the end of the import saying: 

The Manual Synch Process did not complete successfully. I/O error 103


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Description automatically generated

I have discussed this issue with programming 

It isn't really an error. It is just an informational message that we tracked to a programming call that is trying to close a file that has already been closed or wasn't in an open state.

We have confirmed that the message isn't causing any issues with the price updates or the quantity export to the XO Lights website.

This error will eventually be fixed in a future release of the utility and will likely contain a less cryptic description.

But for the time being, this error can safely be ignored.


More Details:

Our Development Team looked through the code and found that the Error is coming from the connection to the database process.
 There is a call that creates core components that is getting called multiple times and that causing a file handle issue with the loading of the Country.dat file. It can be ignored and has no effect on the processing of the update files from XO Logic or the export of the Stock Quantities. 


The error at the end of the import/export “The Manual Synch Process did not complete successfully. I/O error 103“ is also erroneous since it is also referring to the previous I/O error 103