In System5, we have two options to use in printing labels. Can use either Laser or InkJet printer or can use a dedicated label type printer. 

To see these options, go to Menu > Setup Tools > Printing options > Form and Label Designers

The setup of these two are very different. Label Designers are more of a "What you see is what you get designer". Where as the Barcode Label Print Codes are more talking to the printer on their own level where actually inputting machine codes right into the design window itself. 

The benefit of a dedicated barcode printer, is its design from the job. You can spit out one label at a time or 10 labels at a time. Whereas the laser printer or inkjet printer, you have to put a whole sheet of labels even if your printing one label. The problem is, if you're going to print one label this time and the next time you're going to print again you have to use the same  sheet of labels twice.