There's two different ways to generate a barcode. We can have System Five generate for us a barcode number. Specifically, that would be for items that don't come pre barcoded from manufacture. 

1. To set it up, go to Setup Tools > Setup Wizard.

2. Under Inventory, scroll down and look for Automatic Barcode Generation. It shows that will be generating a 13 digit barcode on a style EAN.

3. Look for an item that currently doesn't have a barcode on it. Go to Menu > Inventory and Purchases > Inventory > Edit Item.

4. On the inventory record, under Inventory tab. Click the Barcode: Click to Generate.

5. It will generate a 13 digit barcode randomly. Involving both the Unique number of this particular inventory item. As well as, the sub category that it's in.

6. The barcode is saved under the Alternate Suppliers tab. You can see the barcode number that was generated and the barcode icon next to it.

7. If you want to print a label to test or check. You can do that, as long as you have the label design created. On the inventory record, select the Label button and choose the label you wanted to use to print it.

8. In this window, you can type in how many labels you wanted to print. Hit OK.

9. In the Labels tab, you can select the label printer you wanted to print this to. And in the Items tab, you can uncheck or check the items you want or doesn't want to print. Can also change the quantities.  Then Preview and Print.

10. It should show you the information of the item number and the randomly generated barcode. 

Another way to set up a barcode in S5 or have the system do it for you, is by simply printing. 

1. Open a different item with no barcode generated. Then print a label and it will show you that the software will automatically generate a barcode number. 

2. Go back to the inventory record, you can see that the part number now has a system generated barcode. To confirm it, go under Alternate Supplier tab.