To add a barcode to a specific part number. Follow the steps provided below.

1. Find a part number. 

2. Go into the inventory record. 

3. On the Alternate Suppliers tab, as you can see no barcode number yet set up. To set it up, simply type the number in on the Part Number field. 

4. Then designate that as Barcode.

5. However, if you have a barcode scanner reconfigured and set up on the system. Simply scan a barcode and the system will prompt a window asking if you want to add the barcode. Simply choose Barcode.

6. It should look like this.

7. Now, if you receive products from a distributor that has multiple barcodes. That's not a problem on the system5 as we can have a multiple barcode associated for the same part number. Now, scan another barcode and it should look like this. At the Point of Sale, no matter which barcode the first scans, it will pull up the same record no matter what. 

8. To test it, use the Part lookup to find this same inventory item by using either of these two barcodes. Now, on the Part find window, scan the first barcode that was added then the second. It should pull up the same item record.