The Best Place to Start is The Help Center

All of the resources available to Windward Software clients are summarized here. The Help Center can be found at

Once you get to the Help Center you will have access to:

    • FAQ's
    • Webinars
    • What's New
    • Academy Access
    • Bookings Schedule
    • The Customer Care Portal and More...


If there is a KNOWN ISSUE we will generally place a dropdown message here with instructions on how to resolve, or updates about the status of the issue.

The Windward Software Customer Care portal offers the following functions:

  • Knowledge Base Articles
  • Submit new support tickets
  • View up-to-date ticket status
  • Re-open a ticket if needed

You will also receive email notifications as your ticket is worked.

You Can Also Request Support via Traditional Methods


When you email a ticket is generated automatically and will be prioritized based on a number of factors including the severity of the issue and your place in the queue.

Emergency Support

We understand that there are times where you simply cannot remain on hold, so we’ve created a form that alerts us of your needs.

The following situations qualify for Emergency Support:

      • Entire System Down
      • Unable to take payment
      • Cannot log into System Five
      • Recovering from a Power Outage

This form is located at